Infernal Interment

by Ailing

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released April 12, 2014



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Ailing Chicago, Illinois

Ailing is a doom/death metal project out of Chicago (formerly Plague). We will be re-recording "Infernal Interment" down the road and are already writing newer material.

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Track Name: Frailty My Bride
Entranced, unheeding. I yearn for her hand. Her pale form so lifeless. The queen of the damned. Unyielding. Unholy. To the grave she brings me. So cold her touch. Enslaved. I must. Rotting her womb. Her bed my tomb. She is, my chosen. I gave her my soul. This bride, so putrid. The whore of sheol. Bring me to the grave. Torture me your slave. Let me raise your veil. And kiss the lips of hell. Hell. My bride. This bride is chosen. She leads men astray. Her cold stone affection. Means my end of days.
Track Name: Ailment's Embrace
So diseased. This ward. It teems. With pains. Suffer, the form, wellness, restrained. So weak. This frame. Ailment. Embraced. Each woe of health this diseased humanity suffers. Is the result of the death bride our hand we offered. Aching and ailing we don this bacterial shroud. So that around bed and grave we will gather a crowd. Ailment embraced for life to death It pains it aches it steals our breath
Track Name: Descent
I’m falling down. So much pain. My heart’s entombed. Chest its grave. Family. Sees my demise. Frantic looks. Meet lifeless eyes. Old photographs. They ascend. As my spent frame. Meets its end.

In seconds time. No more pain. EMT’s state: DOA
Track Name: Dirge For Compassion
Rain falls down. On love’s grave. No one mourns, hatred’s slave. No one cares she is gone. Since care is interred as well. Compassion mourns for her friend then falls in to join her in hell. Unkempt plot. Overrun. Thorns of hate. Shield the sun. What has become of our race? Nature inclined to disgrace. Embracing the bloodlust of sin. We walk to our grave and dive in.
Track Name: Infernal Interment
I am laid to rest. On this day so cold. Mournful waves they crest. Weeping so my soul. Gnashing wicked teeth. Through once passed wicked words. Rest in peace a lie. Afterlife disturbed. Coffin lowered down. No warmth in this grave. Soul has been confined. Prisoner in flames. Family departs. Faithless eyes cast down. Wondering the truth. In misery I drown. I weep. I hurt. Who hears? No one. Life had its end. This will not end. Senses are gone. This pain is for real. Life had its hope. Hope is not here.
Surrounded by the damned. I am one of the damned.